Presenting Frode Heimen

Frode has been blogging since 2007, about leadership, motivation, customer service, coaching and other work related topics. His main target audience is employees with ambitions and fresh leaders in middle management. He was born in November 1973 in Molde, Norway. His career is mostly in sales. He started his first business in 1995. He has held several leadership positions from team manager, department manager, store manager, coach and customer service manager. His experience is within electronics, telecom, call centers, customer service and store management. He is a webmaster by education and has worked as a web developer with WebOn for a few years. He has been making websites since 1997 and works best with PHP & MySQL. He has experience from leading major e-commerce sites. Today he works as Customer Service Manager at Kwintet Norway. (work wear and personal protective equipment.) He can drive a fork lift.

Opinions and stuff…

Opinions in my blogs are personal, and should not be related to any former, present or future employer. I share many of my own thoughts and experiences, keep in mind that there is never one true answer. What works for me might be a disaster for you and the other way around. You need to know your own audience, employees and co-workers. My opinions are based on a combination of experience and theory. For me blogging is a good way to reflect and strengthen my own talent. I might write what can work in an ideal world, problem is; most workplaces aren’t.

Employee Engagement

I do believe that most humans are capable of great things. I believe in empowering employees and give them tools and power to do a great job. I believe that if you grow your staff and nurture their natural talents you will get amazing results. Employees should be treated with respect and as friends. I believe that people will thrive if you give them the chance to do so. All amazing people where once ordinary.

Some curious facts…

He grew up in a family operated grocery store in the rural parts of Norway. His first paid job was on his uncle’s farm at the age of someteen. He has worked at a conveyor belt for a year sorting fish and driving a fork lift. Served in the air force as operator on the switch board, almost no shots were fired. He can’t sing or play any instruments. Youngest of three brothers, making him the creative one. Likes to play chess, fish and of course write. He is picking up some interests in red wine and good food, but is not even close to average knowledge yet. He is a computer geek and can build his own computer and loves gadgets.